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i am Marius Jentschke (b. 1989) working under the moniker of "Tristan Rêverb".

Currently living between Stuttgart/Germany & Mallorca/Spain.

I am a "Musikdesign" Bachelor of Music student at the HFM Trossingen specializing in Sounddesign, Producing, Composing & Interactive Media Design. I am curios to create and invent all things in the matter of sound and music.

From writing a classic folk song, mixing & mastering, building a meditative soundinstallation controlled by your own brainwaves, build a by-touch playable tape-machine or composing music to the taste of wine.

By all things a like to work hybrid analog/digital, combining contemporary artistry with old craftmanship & science.

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Musician | Sound Designer | Entrepreneur


Passionate musician with a diverse background in indie rock, experimental genres and music production.

Successfully led multiple bands, released record albums, and performed alongside renowned artists.

Entrepreneurial spirit with experience in the gastronomy and event industry.

Currently pursuing Music Design/Sound Design studies at the University of Music in Trossingen/Germany.

Life events

Bachelor of Music Design/Sound Design, University of Music Trossingen (2021-Present)
"Colours of Youth" got nominated for "Best Music Video" Baden-Württemberg (2022)
Nominated for the MARS "Future Prize Artist" with Band "Tristan Rêverb" (2017)

Co-Founder of "éclat" restaurant/event & Dry Gin Company (2014-present)
Performed alongside renowned artists like Jessica Pratt, Steve Gunn, Moddi, Deerhoof, Die Nerven, Oracles, and many others.
Signed to "Treibender Teppich Records" and Vinyl LP-Release "Senseless Presence" (2016)
University of Applied Sciences Entrance Qualification (2014)
Release of Solo-EP "Taken by beauty you never will end" (2013)

Certificate of apprenticeship/Gesellenbrief in "Air conditioning technician" (2008)
Diverse DIY releases and playing concerts in multiple bands (The Stud, Marrakech, Die Marier, etc.) (2005-2013)


Experience in guitar playing, songwriting and vocals.
Competent knowledge of recording technology and studio production.

Entrepreneurial skills, including business development and management.
Communication and collaboration abilities.

Detail-oriented with a passion for creativity and innovation.

Tools and Equipment

Ableton Live

Diverse Analog Gear, Mixers and Tape-Machines (Fostex R8 & 450, D&R Disteq Analog Summing, Emthree Tape Echo, Roland JV 1080, etc.)


Adobe Suite(Premiere, Indesign)

Lumix GH5 II & Canon 550D

Zoom H4N